School Libraries and The Digital Backpack

School librarians are uniquely positioned to collaborate with teachers to infuse technology to support learning, assessment and curriculum within a collaborative learning environment. Teacher-librarians are connected to current research and can assist with best-practice in effective technology implementation.

The Saskatoon Public Schools’ Elementary LibGuide provides an “Insight” into aligning the role of the teacher-librarian with the needs of today’s student. Each Insight is based on ISTE’s NETS for Students (NETS•S); the standards for evaluating the skills and knowledge students need to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly global and digital world.

Research and Information Fluency
Communication and Collaboration
Critical Thinking
Creativity and Innovation

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  1. Thank you Carlene for a wonderful presentation and interactive day. The impact of today’s learning is I can now share so many new opportunities with my fellow colleagues and students what they CAN do with technology that supports what they are already doing in the classroom!

  2. Thanks for all the great information today. I am going to take Diigo back to my school and get all the teachers to join a Diigo group so we can coordinate all of the great resources that are being used in our school.
    For students, I am going to try Storify to help them find information from a variety of sources.

  3. Great! I’m eager to try Audioboo to record kids reading. Hope to show their progress.

    Will set up a symbaloo or other for when kids are researching.

    Embarrassed by how far behind I get so quick!

  4. I am very excited to go back to school and share all of these great webtools with staff and students. I am going to be busy this weekend reorganizing my website so these tools are easy to find and use. Thank you Carlene, again, for offering a great opportunity for teacher-librarians to grow.

  5. Thanks Carlene for the fantastic day! I don’t know if I can specifically say what I enjoyed the best but we received lots of info that I will try to use in the future. Incredible amount of great information with a lot of time allotted to just exploring tools and discussing with colleagues.

  6. Once again I have been given a huge number of great sites. Now I must decide on where I am going to start. How am I going to share? Who/what will I share? I don’t have to share everything but what may be the best to get people started? This will involve listening to conversations, peeking in classrooms,

  7. The many various technological tools that our students have access to in order to perform the tasks involved in the inquiry process (question, research, creative & critical thinking, representing and organizing results, etc.) impacted me the most today.
    Carlene, you are so knowledgeable and know how to present so professionally and clearly. Thanks for sharing and being part of my professional development this summer. Looking forward to supporting my colleagues and students in learning with me the use of these wonderful resources. Look forward to the SSLA and related tweets or feeds!!!!! Merci mille fois!!! 😀 😀

  8. Thanks so much for great day. I came away with many sites that I will spend more time investigating so that when planning with colleagues I will be able to suggest technology options to optimize our units and achieve our outcomes.

  9. Your workshop introduced me to many great web tools that I can take with me and use to enhance my role as a literacy leader. Thanks so much for sharing. I am motivated to go back and explore many of the awesome things you presented.
    Thanks so much.

  10. Today showed me how many powerful collaborative tools there are to allow students to work together and show their work and understanding in a way that makes sense to them, a way that engages, a way they can feel proud of, a way they can share their work with others all over the world. Today also showed me how much information our students can access and how important it is they find some way to make sense of it all and use it responsibly.

  11. I received an abundance of useful information from today’s workshop! I now feel better prepared to help support teachers in using technology and am also more aware of the variety of purposes that technology serves. Thank-you for the wealth of information and tools that I am taking back to my role as teacher librarian!

  12. Thank you for sharing all of your reaearch and work. Making everything transparent and available is overwhelming, but your workshop was organized in such a way that allowed me to experience an incredible amount of new information.
    Thank you

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