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MentorMob allows users to collect, collate and share information or student samples. These collections of information, called playlists, can be publically accessed. The playlists can contain static web pages, videos, images, and text to help showcase a concept or examples of student learning. Each item in the playlist is called a step.

Viewers click “Next” in order to proceed to the next item in the playlist. The playlists can also be enhanced by quizzes and comprehension exercises to determine students’ understanding.

The curated playlist features a polished look that is easy to navigate. Users can save and even collaborate on other playlists. Educator accounts can also make playlists public or private, ideal for a school setting.

MentorMob playlists can be easily shared and even embedded on various platforms, including classroom blogs or LibGuides.

Educational Uses:

    1. Explain multi-step assignments to students
    2. Showcase student learning
    3. Curate information to help build students’ background knowledge of a concept or content.

The following MentorMob showcases grade one students’ writing of informational texts about community workers