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Case Study Resources

Case Study Resources The following materials are designed to aid teachers in understanding and developing case studies for classroom use. Writing Case Studies – This is an abridged how-to manual originally published by International Records Management Trust. With their permission, … Continue reading

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Case Studies

What are Case Studies? Case studies are stories or scenarios, often in narrative form, created and used as a tool for analysis and discussion. They have a long tradition of use in higher education particularly in business and law. Cases … Continue reading

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What is Brainstorming? ┬áBrainstorming is a large or small group activity which encourages children to focus on a topic and contribute to the free flow of ideas. The teacher may begin by posing a question or a problem, or by … Continue reading

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Book Talks

What are Book Talks? During book talks, students discuss with classmates books they have read, heard or “discovered.” The shared selections may be ones read to them by a librarian, babysitter, parent, Elder, relative or older student, or they may … Continue reading

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Balanced Literacy

What is Balanced Literacy? Balanced Literacy incorporates all reading approaches realizing students need to use multiple strategies to become proficient readers. What is its purpose? It provides and cultivates the skills of reading, writing, thinking, speaking and listening for all … Continue reading

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Author’s Chair

What is Author’s Chair? This strategy provides a way for readers to share with each other the excitement of a particular moment in relation to a book or to their own writing. Author’s Chair is the final step in the … Continue reading

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Assigned Questions

What are Assigned Questions? Assigned questions are those prepared by the teacher to be answered by individuals or small groups of students. Students discuss their responses among one another or with the teacher. Particular positions or points-of-view should be supported … Continue reading

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Anticipation Guide

What is Anticipation Guide? Anticipation guides, according to Frank Smith (1978) allow the reader to make predictions about text that will be read by eliminating possibilities that are unlikely. What is its purpose? Also called reaction or prediction guides, the … Continue reading

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