Photo Story Basics

April 23, 2010

Microsoft Photo Story 3

 – is a Microsoft tool designed to create animated presentations using images and photographs, including recorded narrations.  It is also possible to add music and movement between the photographs to create an attractive multimedia experience.

 Microsoft Photo Story 3 – free to download


Sample Photo Story Assignment:

A local teacher mastered Photo Story within a few moments and made this sample for her students so she could model what their finished projects should look like. (Thanks for sharing JS!)  ~  

Her assignment can be found here ->

Here are some completed Photo Stories created by grade 6 students as a result of that project. �
Have a look through them so see how they are the same and how they are different. If doing this project with your students, view these with your kids and talk about what makes a good photo story.

Once this class had learned how to do a project with  Photo Story, they moved on to a more difficult project. In this situation they had to draw some images and get them into digital format for the Photo Story. They also had to search for and use copyright free music and images. They had to describe what they knew about slavery and then decide if they thought it was right or wrong. Please click the link below to view a sample Photostory created by a sixth grader for a slavery project.


– Step-by-step Directions for Photo Story – photostory_0.pdf  MAKE SURE your students save their project early and often by clicking SAVE PROJECT (this will end in .wp3 as this is the RAW file they can continue to edit). When students are all done, one of the final steps is to export the file into a wma file. This file plays in Windows Media Player and CAN’T be edited. So please be wary of the two formats – one you edit, one is the final movie!– An Introduction to Digital Storytelling –
Digital Storytelling Resources
– Video Step by Step Tutorial for Photo Story –

Storyboard Templates 

 If your students storyboard their projects, they will turn out better.

Photo Story Rubric

Blank Colored Slides:

Below there are four jpeg files (black, blue, red and white (which you can not see)). You can right click and “save as” if you need a blank slide to insert into your photostory presentation at any point. Consider using a coloured background to make slides with lots of type stand out more.



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