Visual Bookmarking

May 19, 2011

Visual Bookmarking

What governs efficient browsing is the speed of finding bookmarks, specially the most used ones, and the fastest way to do that is the ability to easily spot what we need. In the case of bookmarks, a snapshot of a web site would be the solution, and that is what triggered the creation of visual bookmarking. (Source:

Both of the above services require you to have an account, but students can view the bookmarks if you set them as public.

Visual Bookmarking Tools

  • Jog The Web  – A place to gather web sites for your students on particular themes or for projects. Each web site is visually represented within your Jog.

Sample: K-2-Leading the Way- 21st Century Learners

  • Only2Clicks – Allows you to build tabs and sort visual bookmarks. You can select to shNare your categories, or keep them hidden.

Sample: Only2Clicks – Berthelot
                 Only2clicks – CarleneWalter

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